DS Players of Washington State

Rock the DS y'all!!

DS users/players of Washington State
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Howdy all! Just a short introduction right now considering I just created this community, as of right now I dont feel like entering in a ton of information.

I am the moderator, kne, you can reach me at my e-mail if need be, it is the e-mail for the community.

A few rules:

Please, no flaming, no absurd arguments. This is a place to meet other DS players in Washington, this is not a place to meet up with "sexy girls who play games".. if you catch my drift.

I wont make any insane rules or anything, this will not be a over the top G rated site, however, there isnt any reason for an unnessary amount of swearing or over the top antics.

Just try to have fun please? That is what gaming is all about if you ask me.

Please introduce yourselves when you join and other than that, go crazy!